HubSpot Templates


Every successful strategy for Online Marketing requires a target group-oriented website that can be operated intuitively, is visually appealing and legally compliant. Therefore, to ensure a holistic user experience along the customer journey can become a real challenge for marketers.

divia accompanies you in this challenge and develops website templates tailored to your company so that you can relaunch your website or develop your microsite in a cost-effective, fast and promising way.

Inbound Marketing


Inbound marketing focuses on relevant content that not only appeals to search engines but also meets the needs of the customer.

From the first signs of interest to a purchase decision and subsequent service, self-confident customers are offered the right content in the right form at the right time. With the inbound method, marketing is used in a targeted manner. Inbound marketing is a resource-saving method that delivers a measurable return on marketing investment (ROMI). The content and inbound marketing process have to be continually adapted and improved by the owner of the site.

Both the content and process follow the buyer's journey and a multi-channel approach is used that includes SEA, SEO, blogging and social media. Skillfully applied, this approach increases the range of your website as well as automating the generation of qualified leads, which will help make your sales team's work successful.

Lead Management


A general prospect has been transformed into a lead. Now what? Perhaps your lead is not yet sure what to do. During this phase, leads compare offers and decide whether or not yours is of concrete interest. This demand for help in making a decision should be met, if possible as a fully integrated part of the sales process.

Divia helps you develop and implement automated marketing processes such as e-mail marketing. For a successful increase in closure rates, the focus lies on a blend of marketing and sales.

Marketing Automation


An independent portal which is designed for the comprehensive optimization of lead generation and conversion – is that music to your ears? Powerful tools make it possible.

They form the basis for the automation of marketing processes that make leads sales-ready through integrated nurturing and automation protocols and a comprehensive qualification concept – at no additional cost to your sales department.

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Only companies which regularly rethink and improve their cross-channel marketing are ready for the future. In this context, marketing management, inbound marketing, content marketing, lead generation, corporate publishing and social media are the central themes of digital marketing.

We help you develop a strategy and implement new methods, and support you and your employees as you optimize your cross-channel marketing processes.



Search engine optimization. What was once primarily a webmaster's job has now become the centerpiece of online marketing. Customers such as those in the B2B business mainly inform themselves online and use search engines for their research. And even though online marketing is much more than SEO, without it you are risking suboptimal results. We analyze your initial situation with you, take care of your keywords and make sure your website is optimized on the spot.



In addition to many other factors, digital marketing is a key to success in marketing. On- and off-page search engine optimization (SEO) is often not enough in markets with strong competition. For this reason, we recommend the use of search engine advertising (SEA).