Search Engine advertising

SEA offers website owners the opportunity to position adverts exactly where potential customers will search for their desired products and offers. 
Search Engine Advertising (SEA) allows you to directly display your paid ads among the search results on multiple search engines, like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. SEA is easy to set up, but at the same time, it is quite crucial to monitor the paid campaign. To begin with, you need to define and figure out the keywords that are relevant to your products and services. Hence it is necessary to distinguish the key search terms that are used to find related websites and propositions. Once you have your keywords list ready, you can start working on creating various Ad drafts. You must then define and plan how much you are prepared to pay for a user to click on your ad. Your advert’s place in the search results can also put you at an authority against your competitors, even though this is just one of many factors that a successful SEA campaign is constituted of, which also includes investment in a good deal of time on every stage of developing, executing, and sustaining online marketing campaigns. Keeping a track of budgets and regional restrictions such as GDPR are extremely critical. The landing pages that are linked to your ads must then be optimized for higher performance. Once the ad is subsequently activated, the data can be analyzed to fine-tune the marketing plans and actions.
Search engine advertising works on a Cost Per Click (CPC) basis, so advertisers only incur charges when a user clicks on an ad and is redirected to the landing page. The cost of each click is decided by advertisers and the frequency that the advert is displayed corresponds to the size of the offer. The allocation of the ad space is then figured out by an auction, also known as Real Time Bidding. While the ranking in search results is determined by the search engine's algorithm, you buy yourself a visible placement on the first page with SEA. The costs of the SEA are usually quite manageable. In particular, the ability to set budgets in advance that must not be exceeded improves cost control. Compared to other advertisements, the effectiveness of SEA can be measured well. Pages that do not have the desired traffic or do not achieve the set goals with SEO alone benefit from the purchased ranking. Since the highest-ranking ads are crucial to the user's search, SEA is universally received by most of the search engine users and one of the prominent instruments for increasing website traffic, promoting brands, and generating conversions. 


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Steps to SEA Success

We work on creating SEA strategies that answer search queries and drive sales. 

Call We want to understand your business and your goals before asking you to invest. We dig deeper into your existing marketing funnel activities such as lead generation, marketing automation, content marketing, and much more based on your objectives, expectations, competitions, and trends.
Internal Discussion Based on the information gathered during the consultation, we will create documentation encompassing your implementation plan. We will discuss with our team of digital marketers and strategists how to accelerate your brand's growth and revenue through marketing planning and tactical execution. 
Offer Identifying your target group, engaging them throughout the buyer’s journey requires specific solutions. Once we are through with “behind the scenes” and creating project implementation processes and marketing strategies, we will make you an offer, which is often tailor-made for you. 
Project Kick-Off Once the implementation plan is approved, we will begin its execution. The goals you set are what will keep us aligned to come together as one team. We are here to transform you digitally and create processes and solutions to make sure you are getting the results that fuel business growth.