Successful strategies begin with careful analysis. That is true not just of general corporate strategies but also of the business areas of marketing, sales and product management. We offer you support and advice on analysing your customers, competition, business portfolio and the market.

The resulting insight gained will prove invaluable for marketing planning and sales.


Go-to-market strategy, campaign planning, communication planning, buyer personas: marketing planning is all about analysing the status quo and targets for all your marketing activities, drawing up new plans, putting them into action and checking that you stick to pre-planned budgets.

Depending on your product cycle, we can develop go-to-market strategies and campaigns with or for you, plan your communications and create the basis for successful marketing by developing buyer personas and arranging specific measures such as events, trade fairs, mailshots, road shows, content marketing, SEO and SEA.


Our sales enablement solutions support your sales department with support materials such as battle cards and infographics to effectively integrate customer preferences and close deals faster.

We also work with you to optimise your elevator pitches, create use cases and references, and use story building and content marketing to support your strategic positioning on the market.


Digitalisation has transformed marketing. The media landscape has changed and is increasingly becoming more complex. Individualisation, in particular, has led to more niche markets and means of approaching customers. A good 80% of the information gathered to make a purchase decision in the B2B sector is now found online. Ad blockers allow customers to avoid advertising and they are also increasingly becoming ad-adverse.

The answer to these changes is good marketing management. Consistently improved digital marketing uses corporate publishing, as a part of an inbound marketing campaign, to effectively increase lead generation alongside lead management, marketing automation and SEO.


With the help of deal support specialists, you can improve your success rate at bringing complex, lengthy deals to a close. This is where marketing and market research come together in the sales department. Our deal support includes market analysis and monitoring (e.g. of the competition), win/loss analysis and elevator pitches. We also help you create use cases, references and battle cards, customer profiles and customer pain-point analyses.